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Recent Projects

HIV & Malaria Centre, Bayelsa State

The construction of the malaria, Hiv and Tuberculosis centre in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State is a state of the art project, the first of its kind in the state. 

HYPREP Project

Hyprep is an agency initiated by the federal government of Nigeria to begin comprehensive cleanup of ogoniland, to restore polluted environment and put an end to all forms of ongoing oil contamination in the region which has caused serious threats to human health from contaminated drinking water to the viability and productivity of the ecosystems.

House Boat Project for National In-Land Waterways

Avondale services and supplies Ltd constructed and supplied a fully equipped standard House boat to National Inland Waterways Authority in 2019

Real Estate

Weed Harvester Project, Nguru Yobe state

The Federal Ministry of Environment in a bid to improve the wellbeing and environment of people who live and depend on the wetlands for their livelihood and conduct various economic activities like crop farming, fishing, livestock rearing etc. Unfortunately, over the years the quality and productivity of the area has drastically reduced due to the invasion/infestation of an invasive plant species known as ‘Typha Grass’, this invasive weeds have taken over sites that were being used by the communities to farm, fish and raise livestock.

Commercial Properties

Supply of Fully equipped Ambulance to Maritime Admin. & Safety Agency, Lagos State

Avondale services and supplies ltd supplied a fully equipped standard roof 2016 Toyota Hiace ambulance to the Nigerian Maritime administration and safety Agency in 2017.

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